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The Atlantic Contemplative Centre provides online webinars; publications; in person workshops / education programs; and mentoring.

Online Webinars




 If you are interested in any of these education programs please contact us at jtorbert@eastlink.ca


The Atlantic Contemplative Centre is an independent, non-profit charitable society registered in the Province of Nova Scotia under the umbrella of the Nalanda Foundation. Our byline for the ACC is the Hearth of Applied Mindfulness.

We can be contacted at 902-431-9954 or you can write to jtorbert@eastlink.ca.

Please open the video below for a short message from the co-directors of the ACC:


The people, organizations and institutions of Atlantic Canada will have full access to the benefits of contemplative / mindfulness practices.


To investigate the process by which individuals and organizations integrate contemplative / mindfulness practices into their lives and activities.

To measure and report the experiences and changes that are associated with the integration of contemplative / mindfulness practices into the fabric of Atlantic Canadian society.

To offer education and training that supports the integration of contemplative / mindfulness practices.


Gather and support a faculty of experienced contemplative / mindfulness practitioners who are engaged in the process of teaching and applying contemplative practices in society.

Partner with relevant organizations and institutions.

Design and conduct systematic investigations.

Develop educational and training programs.

Make the activities and results of investigations of projects available to diverse audiences using multiple forms of communication.


ACC cultivates, organizes and carries out research, education, service projects and consultation. For example:

Research on the effectiveness of contemplative / mindfulness practices.

Education packages.

Professional Mentorship and Education programs.

Public lectures, discussions and conferences.

Training programs.

Knowledge transfer.

Direct provision of contemplative / mindfulness services.

Consultation on application of contemplative / mindfulness practices.

The Need

Over the past four decades there has been an unprecedented and accelerating introduction of concepts and practices from contemplative / mindfulness traditions into western society. This infusion of these concepts and practices at a time of crisis in western civilization holds the promise of contributing to an evolution in western societies in the direction of non-aggression and sanity.

The benefits from application of contemplative / mindfulness concepts and practices into western society in general, and Atlantic Canada in particular, will be enhanced if the introduction is accompanied by formal evaluation and research to examine the actual impact of these concepts and practices upon individuals and society.


The ACC hosts an annual gathering of mindful professionals, an open mindfulness practice group, support to the Waves of Compassion organization, and connections with other related local and international organizations.

Annual Conference

Open Mindfulness Group

Support to the Waves of Compassion

Connections with other Organizations


ACC is committed to investigating the effectiveness by which individuals and organizations integrate contemplative practices into the fabric of Atlantic Canadian society.

Research Projects

Research Funding

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